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Topics for Real estate companies

. Promote local events

Show your audience you keep your stay on the pulse of your city. Write up a quick list of events happening in and around your area this weekend or this month. Include a mix of events that range from family-friendly to nightlife focused. Link each event to a corresponding website or Facebook page to let your audience gather the details. If you want to spend a little more time on it, find a free calendar template online and type the events on the days they’re happening and post that.

2. Share a handy tip or trick

Advice like this is often known as a “lifehack,” and they can easily be used for countless real estate blog topics. Do you have a favorite app that keeps you more organized? Or an amazing tip on how to increase curb appeal on a tight budget? How about a way to transform a room in 5 minutes? When your audience uses one of your tips in action, they’ll remember where they got it.

Bonus: as you share your tips, you’re almost guaranteed to get more from others. Collect those and share them in another blog post.

3. Review a favorite restaurant or business

Personal referrals and recommendations can go a long way when people are deciding where to spend their hard-earned dollars. Help another local business out by highlighting them on your blog. It’s good karma for your business to support other local businesses, and it gets your name and brand in front of other potential clients.

4. Start a Q&A series

Real estate agents get asked a lot of questions. Many of those questions tend to repeat, especially with first-time home buyers. Jot down a handful of those questions and see if you can categorize them. Undoubtedly, many of them involve down payments, credit scores, HOAs, and closing costs. See the theme? You could set up “Financial Friday” where you answer one of these questions every other Friday. Blog posts like this show your expertise and why you’re qualified to help lead home buyers through these complicated processes.

5. Highlight a listing

Once a week, highlight one of your listings. This is a way to make a more direct sales pitch with a less aggressive approach. It could be one currently for sale or one that you recently sold. Does the home have a cool history or story behind it? Is there custom stained glass in the entryway? Or is the view from the back deck unbelievable? The more visually interesting the better!

6. Discuss rent vs buy

Ah yes, the age-old dilemma. There are people that fall firmly into one camp and others that aren’t quite sure. Respectfully discuss the pro and cons of each, and include your personal point of view in a non-aggressive way. Let your readers who fall into the “buy” category know that you’d love to help them with their current or future real estate needs.

7. Recommend a podcast

Real estate agents spend a lot of time in the car. If you fill your commute time with podcasts, write up a recommendation for your blog. Tell people what you like about the particular podcast and why you think they might like it, too. Ask for recommendations to increase engagement. Depending on the response, maybe you’ll even start a virtual book club!

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